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2 min readJun 3, 2021


There’s a lot going on at delta.theta these days. SHO on DAO Maker has begun, testnet has started in preparation for the long-awaited launch of our options trading platform. And we believe that the crypto space is an environment where cooperation and mutual support should reign. So today we would like to introduce the key partner of delta.theta — 3Commas!

There’s a lot of things going on in delta.theta these days. We’re off to a low start with the DAO Maker SHO, and are preparing for the incentivized testnet and the most anticipated mainnet launch for our options trading platform. Though, we do realize that crypto space is all about cooperation and assistance. And today, we’d like to introduce a key partner of delta.theta — 3Commas!

Details of partnership

Being a partner of 3Commas is massive for delta.theta. As a part of our cooperation, 3Commas will integrate delta.theta into their marketplace. It will bring exposure of our DEX options to a wide range of crypto traders, while they would get even more tools to manage their portfolio. Also, we’re going to launch a series of joint activities with 3Commas aimed at educating the audience about options trading, trading strategies and opportunities with delta.theta and 3Commas.
Furthermore, 3Commas is one of the few SEED investors of delta.theta, and we’re happy to have them onboard, as we see real opportunities for collaboration between our platforms and even higher added value to both platform users.

About 3 commas

An industry-leading, cloud-based, non-custodial OMS and crypto-asset management platform offers a unified trading experience across the world’s top 24 crypto exchanges. Fully automated trade execution, supported by continuously evolving strategies, algorithms, and risk management solutions, provide additional opportunities for traders to turn volatility into profits.

About delta.theta

delta.theta is a p2p options trading platform, the main goal of which is to make such a complex tool as options understandable and accessible to every user, regardless of trading experience and skills.
The development of the product began in the fall of 2020. By January 2021, the first test module of the exchange on the Ethereum blockchain was completed, and then on Binance Smart Chain. By April 2021, the smart contract of the option exchange with a number of new features had already been prepared, as well as the frontend and design had been updated.

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