New opportunities for farmers

How many of you have farmed YFI?

In less than three months, Yearn Finance has gone from a relatively unknown landing aggregator to one of DeFi’s largest platforms!

That’s an impressive chart!
The volatility of Y.Finance token value has never been low. Growth stages(1,7) ended with local ATH(2,4,8) and rapid corrections by 50 percent or more (3,6). In such a situation, it is quite difficult to predict the price and it is possible to make a profit only in case of constant participation in trading and active risk management.

(1) — Growth stage from 6,000USD in August 2021. Looks like investment in financial crypto innovation has paid off.

(2) — A local price peak of 40,000 USD in early September. Depending on the strategy, it may be worth locking in some profits and redistributing asset weight (buying bitcoin or stocks in traditional markets seems appropriate)

(4.8) — Volatility is increasing with a new price peak of 42,000USD in just four days. Apparently, the story is just beginning, investment optimism is at its highest. How long will this situation last?

— After all, it was a great decision to invest in this token! The way to the maximum price of 52 000 USD was not easy, however, the question of what price will be next remains.

(3.6) — A sharp decline of minus 54% to 18,000USD just a week after the peak in value. Perhaps not selling last weekend and taking a profit was a bad idea.

- As time has shown, it was best to sell, the price of the token fell to 8,000USD, the increase in investment value zeroed out. The situation is at the beginning stage again.

(5.7) — The situation seems to have stabilized at 35,000USD, but further growth is questionable. The choice of actions is not clear, the risks of value decrease are significant.

- The point of local growth at 35,000 USD, coincided with the last peak. There is a high probability of correction or fall in the value, the choice of action depends on the strategy and is quite diverse.

Interesting questions:

1) Who went out at ~$2000 — $3000 and FOMOed on shortfall in profits?
2) Who got the maximum APY at the best rate (on highs)?
3) Who was the least lucky at correction?
4) Who was afraid to enter halfway through the story and feels sorry that he did not let himself FOMOing?

Now imagine the situation when even in the worst-case scenario, you could safely farm? Or even make money on corrections, in parallel, without leaving the pool?

Soon…. delta.theta let yourself FOMO 🔥