delta.theta v2.0 — new level of DEX options

3 min readDec 21, 2021


One of the essential goals of delta.theta is to make such a complex tool as options available to each user. Our team have worked hard to improve and optimize the process of orders creation, on their convenient management, right up to the expiration.

When we use options, traders have an opportunity to earn money by participating in a downward or upward movements without buying an asset itself! Besides that, there are compound strategies in which users can use several types of options to create more complex and profitable trades.

In order to optimize trading on our platform, we have prepared essential updates, and today…

We are excited to present you version 2 of our platform 🔥

New features of platform v2.0:

Pay fees in $DLTA

With delta.theta v2.0 release, users will be able to pay fees in native tokens of the $DLTA project, and fees in the project tokens will be cheaper than usual!

The main functional feature is that $DLTA will be available for both platform fees and network fees!

This means that users no longer need $BNB on the Binance Smart Chain, $ETH on the Ethereum network, and $MATIC on the Polygon network to trade.

Partial order execution

This feature is developed for traders who prefer to fix profit on multiple targets rather than all at once! This feature further expands the functionality of options, and opens up many new strategies for traders.

If your option is “in the money”, then you can click “Execute” and select the number of contracts you want to execute.

A premium and LIP

A premium will come at the time of the transaction for the seller, not after expiration, as it was in the previous version of the platform. Thus, traders will be able to make miltiple transactions with greater efficiency!

LIP will become available to all PUT option sellers.

Other updates:

— Limit and Market orders are now can be created in a few steps, with advanced information about your order.

— Contract size reduced to ≈ $ 50. For example, if you used to trade from $500 (sellers), now from you can do it starting from $50. Example: BTC 1 contract = 0.001, ETH — 0.01
A decrease in the lot size for traded pairs and a future expansion of the traded pairs list will make it possible to increase income or buy protection from market fluctuations and falls to the widest possible range of traders and investors!

— When creating a Market order, only one transaction is required, even if you buy many contracts, and the withdrawal amount will be displayed more detailed.

— Updated price charts have been added to order creation to help traders visualize the strike line and the breakeven line.

— To make it more convenient when creating options, the field “number of contracts” can be changed to “amount of asset”.

and many more tiny features and aditions, which will make the experience of options traders the best…