delta.theta Royal Options Brawl🚀

The mainnet has just been released but we already have great news. Starting Monday, August 2, the Royal Options Brawl on delta.theta kicks off. Royal Options Battle is an exclusive competition for options traders on delta.theta.

Up to 100 participants in total will be competing to achieve the highest percentage return on the platform. Both option premiums, and underlying asset price changes in the wallet, as well as LIP profit, will be taken into account.

The entire event will be covered regularly on delta.theta social media and partners’ media and projects.

Registration closes as soon as 100 participants are registered.

Start of the contest: August 2, 2021, 00:00 UTC (start of day candle)
Finish: September 24, 2021, 23:59:59 UTC (close of day candle)

Maximum number of participants is up to 100 people

🏆We have 10 prizes for best trading results (percentage of profit from executing and/or placing an option will be taken into account ):

1️⃣ 500$ + 2000 DLTA
2️⃣ 375$ + 1500 DLTA
3️⃣ 250$ + 1000 DLTA
4️⃣ 100$ +1000 DLTA
5️⃣ 100$ +1000 DLTA
6️⃣-🔟 1000 DLTA

1. Open a Sell Put option on our platform for 5 contracts DAI/$DLTA or BUSD/$DLTA, with a strike of $0.12.

2. Fill in the form with your wallet address, transaction from point 1, and telegram nickname, by which you can be contacted.

3. You can add other contacts if you wish, for example, a channel or Twitter account — the team and partner media will regularly cover the contest and top PnL traders.

All 100 participants will also become our “Jedi”, who will most likely be the first to get access to new services, as well as have priority and additional bonuses in all future activities for the community, but we will talk about that later 😉

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