delta.theta Quarterly Activity Report, Q4 2021

The last Quarter of 2021 was full of events, new crypto trends and gainers, and enormous volatility. At the same time, it was the first full quarter of mainnet operations for delta.theta platform, so it’s just about time to conclude on some of the results and achievements. First and foremost, we’re proud to have Terminal 2.0 released during less than three months of operations after the first mainnet release came live. Obviously, Terminal 2.0 for delta.theta options DEX has full DLTA token integration and discounts on platform fees while paying in DLTA.

Though, what is more important to us, is that we really managed to build an unbelievably strong options DEX base, which will be the starting point for a series of products and services in the future. So let’s review some of the other valuable events of Q4 2021 for delta.theta.

Product metrics and Revenue

Undoubtedly, the biggest achievement of the delta.theta team in Q4 in terms of product is the release of the Terminal v2.0. Though, even the most prominent developments of humanity were forgotten for years or even centuries without proper adoption by society. That’s why we’re also focusing a lot on the product development side of things. And frankly, did quite well with it in Q4.

First of all, we managed to get our Terminal 2.0 Audited by Hacken. As our most devoted fans know, this was the second audit for delta.theta by Hacken, and the first one for Terminal 2.0. In fact, it’s an internal policy to have every piece of contract audited before releasing it to mainnet.

Also, our team invested a tangible amount of effort into the journey of the wide crypto public on the platform. Throughout the whole Q4, we were working on different improvements for our community and general crypto audience. For example, we’ve prepared a delta.theta operation guide through Metamask, where even the most casual crypto members can get the idea of how our terminal and options in general work.

You won’t believe it, but seems like the efforts paid out! In Q4 delta.theta had a streak of 3 weeks of continuously growing volumes and transactions on the platform. Here are some of the highlights of the weekly expirations:
- 100+ contracts expired on some expirations;
- around $200,000 in notional value expired on some expirations.
While the haters would say that the numbers are OK-ish, not super great — we’re sharing the secrets. All these numbers and achievements were cool for us at the point in time, but with Terminal 2.0 in place, we’ve already set the new records in Q1 of 2022 so more to go, dear Astrons.

To ensure the maximum joint interest of the traders’ community and its alignment with delta.theta platforms vision on prosperity, we’ve also decided to reward the most active traders on the platform. By the way, this activity is ongoing with some changes even right now, so you’re welcome to share the weekly rewards pool!

Business development and R&D

Product is always the key, but business isn’t just about the product. It’s more about breathing the life and usability to the creation of your team and letting it live. That is why delta.theta is always in constant search of new opportunities, growth points, and possible expansions. For example, we’re already a few months into the development of our most valuable new product, which would utilize delta.theta options DEX as an underlying layer of operations — Structured products! For some time now, we’ve been publishing analytics on some of the lighter products, which was showcasing the rates and incomes one can earn while staying neutral to the market. The structured module is still the top priority for the team in the future — so expect to see a lot of big news on this one!

We also had a pleasant talk with Yahoo finance, sharing the developments of our team and teasing the Terminal 2.0, which we were expecting to release at that time. It’s always a pleasure to be covered by classic tech media like this one, as it helps us understand that the options in crypto are inevitably coming to the real finance as well. And we’d better be ready.

DLTA token and Community

Frankly, Q4 was the time, when our team was super busy with the product releases. But don’t get us wrong, we never forgot to bring in some goodies for the community here and there. For example, to support the CEX users, we’ve integrated a rule of withdrawal rebates for everyone willing to remove their DLTA stake from CEX and start actually owning the tokens.

Though, our biggest and most anticipated activity for the community which we were developing in Q3 actually aired only on Q4 — the Community Fund with its first stage — Community program. This one was planned for a little while, but the results overwhelmed us — we managed to get more than 3,000 participants joining the program during the first two weeks. Thanks everyone for the participation!

Finally, here is the Astrons Ambassador Program Week #3 tasks ready for you. And of course, this time, all Astrons would be required to share the announcement of Q4 results for delta.theta team.

Remember, that the final results of the program and a share in the rewards pool will be determined by the joint results of all Weeks of the program. Even though, the first weeks bring more rewards for similar actions, compared to the later weeks.

Future Roadmap

As it was announced previously, we’re also sharing the Roadmap of delta.theta for the coming six months and the following future, which we’ve decided to split into 2 main directions — Products&Research and Marketing and Community:

2022 — Quarter 1 — Products&Research:

  • Network Comissions in DLTA
  • Private platform API
  • Offset orders for Buyers
  • Structured Products Alpha version
  • New token listings
  • delta.theta Farm v2.0

2022 — Quarter 1 — Marketing:

  • Cooperation with a ~100M MCAP project
  • Community Fund and Ambassador Program setup
  • Weekly Token Listing programsDLTA Token holders passive benefitsUI/UX Improvements
  • Referral Program Closed Beta

2022 — Quarter 2— Products&Research:

  • New Networks expansion
  • Group orders in one transaction
  • Structured products — Smart contracts audit
  • New token listings
  • Public API

2022 — Quarter 2— Marketing:

  • Referral Program Public beta
  • Community Fund Stage 2
  • delta.theta Ambassadors Take over
  • DLTA New Usecase Introduction
  • UI/UX Improvements

Thanks for staying with us during Q4 2021. Let’s build the bring future for options in crypto together!



P2P options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum

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