delta.theta Quarterly Activity Report, Q3 2021

delta.theta — is a p2p Options DEX platform, which is currently working on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks.

delta.theta platform entered the market in April 2021. Today we are one of the leading options trading platforms in the decentralized cryptocurrency market!

September 2021 took delta.theta to its maximum potential, which was reflected in exponentially growing activity on the platform. This indicates that more and more traders, after examining the options market, come to a sound conclusion: options trading offers much more opportunity, and can be potentially risk-free. And what is the safest and most convenient options trading platform? delta.theta, of course!


The operational revenue generated by the platform in Q3 2021 is: 1107$
Also, the circulating supply was updated accordingly, whatever this means! 🔥🔥🔥

Review of delta.theta main activities in Q3:

July 2021

· Thundermark and an invitation from the Miami Mayor [01/07]:
The round of funding in delta.theta from the Thundermark venture capital fund is completed. delta.theta is invited by the Mayor of Miami to set up the Headquarters in the city.

· Successfully completed incentivized testnet [05/07]:
Incentivized testnet is finished. All bugs and flaws have been promptly fixed during testing, and the 50 most active testers have received awards for activity!

· Cointelegraph article about delta.theta [15/07]

· $DLTA listings on Gate, MEXC, Uniswap, Pancakeswap [16/07]

· ETH mainnet [26/07]:
delta.theta is officially implemented for trading on the ETH network. Mainnet launch was marked by listing of the first trading pairs: $BTC, $ETH, $DLTA, $DAO

August 2021

· BSC mainnet [02/08]:
The second mainnet launch, as an alternative to ETH with its high tx fees. Available trading pairs: $BTC, $BNB, $ETH, $DLTA, $HAPI

· Rapid (Fast) Listings on delta.theta [11/08]:
The function of new trading pairs listings per users’ request is added, adding new pairs takes just 1 hour.

· Polygon mainnet [23/08]:
The third mainnet launched as part of the continuing network fees optimization. Available trading pairs: $WMATIC, $WETH, $DLTA, $HAPI

· article about delta.theta [23/08]

· Fees optimization on the platform [26/08]

· CryptoCompare writes about delta.theta [30/08]

September 2021

· Zero fee markets for $DLTA options [07/08]

· The Turkish local community launch [08/08]:
New local community opening for rapidly growing delta.theta audience.

· audit [09/08]:
The platform’s smart contracts have been successfully audited for the second time to maintain a high level of safety and performance!

· The peak traded volume of $DLTA [16/08]:
Almost 1% of the $ DLTA token Circulating Supply was traded on delta.theta in 24 hours.

· delta.theta FARM launch [24/08]:
Farming platform with a fixed APR is launched, terms: READ

· Structured products from delta.theta [27/08]:
Announcement of a structured product research, which is aimed at increasing the return on capital with a guarantee of its safety!

· Record expiration for options on $DLTA [28/08]:
The number of expired $DLTA contracts has increased 325 times, position volume was about 3% of the total token circulation!



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