Delta.theta — p2p options DEX. Review ( Update May 2022)

Platform description

The benefit of using options

  1. More tools for trading ideas.
  2. Greater flexibility in investment strategy.
  3. The possibility of additional profitability — by receiving a premium when placing ‘forward pending orders’ — selling put and call options.
  4. Limiting the size of potential losses when buying options.

DLTA token

  1. Decentralization — the non-custodial format of the platform allows you to work directly from your wallet. The platform cannot lose or confiscate funds.
  2. Quoting options on underlying assets that are not available on other platforms — AAVE, DOT, MATIC, BNB, and others.
  3. The possibility of efficiently using collateral capital when selling options — LIP program on the Venus / Compound protocol.
  4. Unique integration with regulated broker Just2trade in a hybrid decentralized exchange model. ESMA/CYSEC license compliance.

Terminal utilization

  1. Selecting a trading pair
  2. Current price of the underlying asset
  3. Terms of the deal
  4. Creating a limit order (reduced commission)
  5. Open position management
  6. Transaction history
  7. Selecting the terminal design mode — light/dark theme
  8. Selecting a blockchain
  9. Options execution date
  10. Creating a market order
  11. Market orders zone
  1. Purchase price
  2. Sale price
  3. Open interest level (number of transactions concluded)
  4. Expected volatility parameters
  5. Theoretical (reference, possible average) option price (premium size)
  6. Delta parameter
  7. Option strike price



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