delta.theta farm 101 — survival guide

Farming details:

Fixed APR — no matter how much $DLTA you’ve staked, APR(%) won’t decrease in any case, vise versa, it can even increase up to 60%

Minimum APR: 20%
Maximum APR: 60%

The amount of funds allocated for farming: up to $200 000 (with current rate)

Farming period: 90 days
The total farming duration is 90 days, but this is not a required condition! Users choose the period of time for which they are ready to stake their tokens — a week, a month, or any other period, but not less than 5 days!

Supported network: BSC

We’ve already posted a manual on how to transfer $DLTA between networks:

How does APR increase? Phases of farming.

The platform is based on the “Stages” principle. When a certain total number of staked tokens is reached, all users proceed to the next stage.

1) Up to 3 million staked $DLTA tokens — 20% APR

2) From 3 million to 5 million $DLTA tokens staked — 40% APR

3) From 5 million staked $DLTA tokens — 60% APR

At the time of the transition to the next stage of farming, rewards for all users will be recalculated according to the new APR!

How it works:

  1. You have staked tokens, for a month of farming with APR 20% you have farmed 100 $DLTA. The pharming pool is filling up to 3 million $DLTA, APR increases to 40%.
    The amount of tokens in rewards after recalculation: 200 $DLTA.
  2. You staked tokens, for a month of farming with an APR of 20%, you farmed 100 $DLTA, then you withdrew half, leaving 50 $DLTA in rewards. After filling the pool up to 3 million $DLTA and increasing the APR to 40%, your rewards will be recalculated, excluding the withdrawn tokens!
    The amount of tokens in rewards after recalculation: 100 $DLTA.

Thereby, the most profitable strategy for $DLTA farming is:
1. Stake $DLTA and do not withdraw rewards until stage 3 (APR 60%).
2. When you go to stage 3, withdraw rewards and stake them to your $DLTA deposit.
3. Keep getting rewards!

$DLTA staking and unstaking

Deposit of $DLTA tokens: available any time throughout the entire farming period, with no restrictions.

Withdrawal of $DLTA tokens: available any time throughout the entire farming period, with no restrictions.

Withdrawing $DLTA Rewards: for rewards withdrawal, at least 5 days should pass since your $DLTA was staked.

Don’t miss your chance to make the most of your profit!


Q: Can I start staking my $DLTA after I move to Stage 2 or 3?
— Yes, you can start staking at any time, but remember that the number of rewards also depends on the duration of staking, and rewards are recalculated to a higher APR automatically after the pool is full.

Q: If the total pharming pool decreases from 5 million to 3 million, will this entail a change in APR from 60% to 40%?
— No, APR is fixed and cannot be changed after the transition to a new stage.

Q: Can I withdraw my rewards and continue farming?
— Yes, you can withdraw your rewards any time, but remember if APR will increase, only the rewards remaining on the platform will be doubled!

Q: What is the minimum number of staking days?
— You must stake $DLTA for at least 5 days to receive rewards. However, you are free to end up staking any time.

Q: If I unstake $DLTA, can I take part in farming again?
— Yes, you can, there are no restrictions.

Q: Will I get more rewards if I steak from multiple wallets?
— No, only by staking more tokens you can get more rewards.

Q: Will I receive rewards for the farmed tokens? Do they automatically restake?
— No, only the deposit is taken into account, in addition, if you withdraw the rewards, you will not receive a recalculation of rewards when APR increases.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the minimum and maximum number of tokens that I can stake?
— There are no restrictions.

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