delta.theta — an innovative options trading platform

delta.theta is a p2p options trading platform, the main goal of which is to make such a complex tool as options understandable and accessible to every user, regardless of trading experience and skills.

The development of the product began in the fall of 2020. By January 2021, the first test module of the exchange on the Ethereum blockchain was completed, and then on Binance Smart Chain. By April 2021, the smart contract of the option exchange with a number of new features had already been prepared, as well as the frontend and design had been updated.

At the moment the beta version of the product is available on the BSC test network.

The choice of the network is determined by our target audience, which consists not only of professional traders, but also of farmers, who by virtue of their activity are exposed to more risks. In addition, the number of transactions in the Binance Smart Chain network reaches 8 million per day, which makes the blockchain highly liquid and cost-effective, due to low commission costs. Future releases on the ETH network and others are planned.

Why options?

The answer is simple. In traditional finance, options have always served as a reference tool for calculating the profitability of an investment strategy, and are often used as a market option for hedging risks.

Options allow to realize strategies, which are impossible to realize with any other type of derivatives and in skillful hands they turn unprofitable trading into profitable one.

For a better understanding of the sector’s potential, let’s make a small comparison between the cryptocurrency and traditional derivatives markets:

The cryptocurrency market by capitalization exceeds $2 trillion.

- $10 billion. — Decentralized debt market.

- $100 million — Decentralized derivatives market.

The market of traditional finance by capitalization exceeds $10 trillion.

- $100 trillion. — Global debt market.

- $ 1000 trillion. — Global derivatives market.

As we can see, the potential of the derivatives market is incredibly large! However, in the cryptocurrency market, options are still an undiscovered need. Most crypto investors do not know how to properly use them in their trading strategies, or simply have not encountered them before. In contrast, stock market investors know how and want to use this tool in the crypto market, but face the lack of a quality and familiar options market for a wide asset class.

The cryptocurrency market is young but much more ambitious than the traditional financial market. But it lacks one thing — infrastructure of the third pillar of the classical market — the derivatives market!

And the project that implements this infrastructure will be delta.theta.

Why delta.theta?

The delta.theta team’s level of expertise is measured by 14 years of trading in traditional markets using a variety of instruments (including bonds, spot stocks, futures, metals, indexes and options on various asset classes).

The project’s focus on success and sincere desire to make the market work better in the field of financial infrastructure is based on the professional need to use option instruments for better risk control and profit maximization.

At the moment, the possibility of trading options on crypto assets is presented only in relation to Bitcoin and Ethereum. This situation is the same for both CEX and DEX exchanges, and is caused by the historical consensus of the organizers of trades. An attempt to organize the trading of alternative instruments was made by the OKEX exchange for EOS options a few years ago, but did not find demand from traders.

Now, however, the situation has changed dramatically. The latest restrictions on the functioning of the traditional economy and monetary stimulus measures by central banks have coincided with a new period of growth of the crypto market. The explosive growth of the DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem has attracted multiples of new users to the market, creating the necessary market liquidity

It should be noted that crypto assets trading market is segmented, and comparing trading volumes on centralized and decentralized platforms, it is clear that DEX is growing faster.

The delta.theta platform intends to cover the fastest growing and absolutely free niche — trading options on DEX for the widest range of assets.

While the crypto industry develops innovative products every quarter — NFT, synthetic tokens and shares, schemes to gain profit through multi-stage pledging and lending of crypto assets — there are no risk insurance instruments in the market at all. There are several reasons for this: innovativeness, difficulty of perception of new instruments by non-professional investors, lack of experience in applying financial mechanisms of risk control.

Delta.theta allows to solve these problems:

  1. By means of a simplified version of the terminal (LITE).

2. Providing the user with the opportunity to participate in the efficient placement of new instruments

3. Creating unique educational and analytical content based on our own Research Department

Join us in testing the product now, LITE and PRO versions of the platform are available on the website. We look forward to your feedback!

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P2P options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum

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P2P options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum

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