Ambassador program delta.theta Astrons

We’re glad to welcome Astrons of delta.theta and congrats on your participation in our first expedition!

To be more accurate, on your first conscious expedition as part of the delta.theta Astrons expedition. In any case, all of you have already participated in the activities that heralded the beginning of our Ambassador program — whether it was a refund of commissions for DLTA withdrawal from the exchange, or weekly incentives on streams for the most interesting questions, or farm incentives for holders on ETH. All these activities pursued one goal — gathering like-minded people on the delta.theta platform, who were ready to develop the adoption of options in the cryptocurrency market.

We are glad to see you here with us and thank you for your interest in our goal of creating a decentralized, open, and intuitive platform where we can all trade options for fun and earn money with minimal risks.

Who are delta.theta Astrons?

delta.theta Astrons are the most faithful members of the delta.theta community. They are experienced option traders who are eager to help the team in platform development, expand the community and make new partnerships! Astrons strive to develop the community by being active on social media and by creating unique content that will help in the project promotion.

Astrons’ main goal is to complete weekly missions. For this you will receive weekly credit points. The participation program is structured in such a way that earlier involvement in all weekly activities and attracting referrals will be the optimal strategy for reaching the highest levels of the program leaderboard.

Program overview

The program goal is to develop the delta.theta community, spreading the word about the platform and options in general. This is done to encourage a wide crypto audience to explore and learn more about options. All Astrons will be awarded proportionally to their contribution and participation in the program and community development of delta.theta.

Attention! — Ambassador program is based on the principles of fair competition and honesty. That is why any attempt to cheat and or plagiarize and task will be strictly and immediately banned from the competition.

Missions — Week 1


Based on the results of each week of the Ambassador program, a list of top performers would be formed along with their score points. Based on the weekly tables, the Master leaderboard would be created prior to the end of Stage 1 of the Ambassador’s Program. The Master table would also account the decreasing coefficients of the last weeks and increased ones during the first weeks. Detailed points calculations would be presented togethere with the Astron Ambassador Program Week #1 results.

When the Astron Ambassador Program Stage #1 would be over, all qualified participants would share a reward pool of 25% of the DLTA tokens, which were unclaimed during the delta.theta Farm (more than 100,000 DLTA). In the coming stages of the Astron’s Ambassador Program, the remaining 75% of the rewards would be distributed.

Based on the opinions of team members, leaders of the Master table and/or some of the most active members from different activities would be rewarded with an invitation to beta-testing of the Closed Astrons Traineeship.




P2P options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum

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P2P options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum

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