Macro: Elrond(EGLD) is a blockchain created in 2017 by an experienced team of developers as an alternative to the Ethereum network, using sharding (a distributed node-based block settlement system) and sPoS (security-proof-of-stake, a validation method in which transactions are validated by approved major token holders). …

We’re glad to welcome Astrons of delta.theta and congrats on your participation in our first expedition!

To be more accurate, on your first conscious expedition as part of the delta.theta Astrons expedition. In any case, all of you have already participated in the activities that heralded the beginning of our…

Macro: AAVE — decentralized credit and liquidity distribution protocol, wehich is operating with a wide range of available assets. Right now, the total value locked in all protocol pools is equal to 27 billion USD. The platform operates on Ethereum, Polygon Ethereum sidechain, and Avalanche. AAVE token is used to encourage platform use with partial rates sibsidation. Also, AAVE can be used as a voting token in the protocol DAO.

2021 — was a year of essential beginnings and monumental events for delta.theta 🔥

Beginning of one startup

Our startup history begins in 2020. When analyzing the crypto market, our CEO came up with a thought of creating a real DEX for options trading from scratch, which will be available for everyone! That’s how…

Details of the Partnership:

During our cooperation period, we plan to exchange marketing experience on mutual ‘Post-incubation Development’ and product research. Both Yield Protocol and delta.theta were incubated by DAO Maker. We also plan to conduct joint marketing activities, and support each other’s releases and activities.

As part of the partnership, we plan to…


P2P options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum

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